West Power Systems


West Power Systems (WPS) was originally started in 1979, manufacturing Hi-Performance components for some of the very first watercraft on the market. We developed very high-flow pumps, impellers and scoops as well as highly modified engines of 800cc to 1400cc in 2- and 3-cylinder configurations, capable of 200+HP. We provided modified high-performance designs and components to many of the factory race teams.

We have now progressed with the development of "Hybrid" Gas Turbine Engines in the 100HP to 230+HP range. These turbines are well suited for just about any experimental vehicle, whether land, sea or air. WPS has interfaced several new technologies with these turbines to create the most concentrated amount of reliable “continuous power” in as small and light a package as possible.


WPS Division Goals

Turbine engines are ideal for virtually any application, but are designed specifically for high-stress, continuous power requirements. The advantages are fantastic reliability, light weight and small size. They are ideal for experimenters or homebuilt aircraft of all types. This is a great opportunity to replace less reliable piston engines with a unique, lightweight and high-output alternative power plant.

Maintenance is virtually nil, requiring fairly simple visual inspections combined with less frequent oil changes. Unlike a piston engine, turbines do not have wear components such as pistons, rings, valves, bearings, camshafts, lifters, rockers, coolant pumps, or radiators. There are no spark plugs, distributors, ignition wires, injectors or carburetors to maintain. Since these turbines are so small, and there is no required cooling system, they can be installed in very compact engine locations. No other engine runs as smooth and reliable nor sounds like a turbine!

Target Market